CraftBot’s extraordinary coolers come delivered to your front door because of the work of a team of people. Nathan & Catherine Merrick brought CraftBot to life.  When you call or place an order, we are the happy voices on the other end of the phone. We are also the people who love to visit your city and meet you face to face over a craft beer. CraftBot is also a team of talented designers, amazing people who fulfill each custom order in the warehouse, and shipping managers who make sure each cooler arrives as safely and quickly as possible.


Community and giving back has been a part of CraftBot since day one. We feel we have a responsibility to help make cities brighter, so we are proud to continue to use our products to raise money for local charities across the country.


Enjoy CraftBot Coolers when tailgating, camping, boating, playing sports, or just enjoying family during a sunny day at the park. We love helping companies, breweries, and so many other fantastic organizations grow their brand and give people a product that will last for years to come.


We want you to make the most out of your custom coolers!
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